About Marie

I am Latane's daughter...

When I was young, she read to me a lot.  As I became a pre-teen we were sharing books like Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman, The President's Lady by Irving Stone, and Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Her voice started giving out a few chapters into GWTW, so I took over.  I ended up reading it eight times!

I have always wanted to be a writer, and when my daughter was young, I started freelance writing for various publications, hoping to build up an impressive resume to present to an agent when I was ready to publish a book.  I've always known what the book is, but I have always felt unable to finish it. (That's an entire chapter unto itself!)  I wrote for local papers & magazines like Olde Times and  On Stage.  I also had a regular piece in a trade paper about writers and writing, and one piece appeared in Chesapeake Bay Magazine.  An article about an historic house which would have appeared in another prestigious nationwide publication, fell apart when all my slides were lost in the mail.  I was learning quickly that you either didn't get paid at all for your research (which often included travel time and expense) and writing, or you were paid a mere pittance.  I became discouraged.

I love to read, and love to learn (I continue to research for myself) and YES I will finish the book...and maybe more than one.  I have been encouraged by my Mom's success with her own book, and as always appreciate the inspiration she has always been in my life.

I was born in Alabama, was a Navy dependent, and later married and became an Army wife, and even later an Air Force one (same hubby!).  So I have lived many interesting places.  My husband has been my best friend and greatest partner for 45 years.  These days I am grand-mama to a thirteen-year-old who drew us (along with his Mom & Dad) to the desert in Arizona.  That is where I currently make my home.  It's been really interesting along the way.

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