Monday, July 18, 2016

Not Without My Father

I just love reading entertaining books...

That's just me but that's what I like and the book I just finished was most entertaining!!

                                 It was "Not Without My Father" by Andra Watkins.

A true story.

Andra is at a crossroads in her life. Her business is a bust. She has an argumentative relationship with her mother and she has never gotten along with her father. 

What to do? Why not set out on a 444 mile walk of the Natchez Trace alone? Hey, wait one minute. She needs a 'wingman' some one who will drive a car with supplies, that will drop her off at a milepost in the morning, pick her up in the evening and take her for a nights rest in a nearby establishment.

Everyone works, can't leave their children, isn't interested. There is no one but good ole Dad. 
But, how will this work out. He is 80 years old and remember, they don't understand each other and aren't on really friendly terms. 

The book is filled with delightful adventure, great discovery about relationships, some funny but ridiculous mishaps and throw in her interest in Merriwether Lewis. 

I loved this book. I think you will, too. 


  1. Oh, so glad you posted this this morning(I didn't check here before I wrote my email :-) ) It sounds really awesome, and I am looking forward to reading it!

  2. Sounds wonderful.....thanks for the review! x Karen

  3. Sounds like an interesting one! A 444-mile walk would be a neat experience.


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