Saturday, July 2, 2016

And, Then There Were None

I have never been a big mystery fan but have read a few 'who done it' books. Some I enjoyed, some I did not. But, I had never read Agatha Christie (the master mystery story teller) until recently.  She has changed my mind about what a really good mystery is about.

And Then There Were None was so well written, precise, to the point, keeping you guessing from page one. I loved it. 

There is a mansion on an isolated island. The owner has invited ten people to be his guests. But, the host is nowhere to be found. They settle in, each person carrying their own issues of life, their own secrets, fears. And, then, one of them is murdered. Then there were nine. Later on another body is found and then there were eight. You can figure out where this is going (thence the title of the book). 

Each person is suspicious of the other. Each person has a reason to kill. And, as the number narrows down to one, you think you have it all figured out. But, don't be so quick. There's a surprise ending!! 

This book is the world's best selling mystery with over 100 million copies sold. And, I wasn't one of the 100 million.... until I stuck my nose into it's pages and couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it. 


  1. One of my favourite books of all time! Such a great story.

  2. Oh, I have never read Agatha Christie and now I just have to get this book! It sounds wonderful!

  3. I have read this and seen the movie and a play. Great who dun it.

  4. I've never read Agatha Christie, but now it is time! Thank-you for the review!

  5. Thanks for the reminder. They are classics for a reason!


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