Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Little Lewis & Clark

Here is the review I did on Goodreads of a very interesting book, The Suppressed History of America by Schrag & Haze.  It wasn't exactly what I expected, but ended up being very interesting regarding the controversial death of Meriwether Lewis, particularly. 

Excellent account of the Lewis & Clark Expedition with chapters dealing with earlier events on this Continent that would surprise most people. The book also gives four possible scenarios explaining Lewis's death, one of which is so well supported by the historic events leading up to it (involving the treason of Aaron Burr and James Wilkinson and others) that it leaves little doubt what truly happened to the American hero. Lots of intrigue and cover-ups in America's past...not surprising, since we have that in the present!


  1. Oh, that ought to be a good read. I just might have to get that one.

  2. Sound intriguing - but must 'read next pile' at home is already far too large!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. I'm reading a re-imagining of the Lewis and Clark journey. It's called The Dead Lands. It's a whole new futuristic and sci fi take fictional take.

    1. The author of the book you are reading, Benjamin Percy, is from Tumalo, OR very near Bend where our kids now live and not far from where we are moving as well. I found him when I looked up Tumalo as a possible site to move. Though I do want to read the book and sometimes really enjoy futuristic genre reads (LOVED The Road, for instance) it's one I put on the back burner because I'm so into a few other types of reading right now...but I will get to it. There is an incredible falls at Tumalo that I can't wait to see!

  4. Ga! I just re-read my fractured ill- written comment. Ugh. But, that's interesting! That you ran across the author at random. I'm half way through the book. He has quite an imagination.

  5. I've seen this book and wondered if it was worth reading. Sounds interesting - thanks for sharing!


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