Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Wedding Bees - a novel of honey, love & manners

This is a quick feel good novel to read.  I needed that because the last two books I tried to read I had to give up on.  They just didn't grab me in the first couple of chapters so I gave up and returned them to the library.  I found this one and it was a perfect read.  It's one where you know what the ending will be but you just don't know how its going to get there, what obstacles and diversions are going to come up so that the writer has a long book instead of a short story.
Main character: Sugar Honey Wallace.  Her real name in Cherie-Lynn but she goes by the nick name her grandfather gave her.
Occupation: beekeeper and maker of honey products.
Hobby: bringing out the good in people and helping them to resolve their problems.
Her problem: she had a very traumatic first love and has resolved not to commit to anyone.
Her bigger problem: Theo Fitzgerald who she meets when she first arrives in New York City and sparks fly.

The book is filled with a whole host of minor supporting characters including Elizabeth the Sixth, the current queen bee in Sugar's hive.

Look for this book by Sarah-Kate Lynch.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. Not sure this will appeal to me, but I could give it a try. It does sound like a feel-good kind of book. Thank you so much for posting a review...we haven't heard from you in a little while!

  2. Everyone needs a light read from time to time. Being in a book club is causing me to read some books I would not have read otherwise and that can be a not so good thing....

    1. I agree. I like choosing my own books to read and my taste will be different from the person sitting next to me, so I don't like the idea of belonging to a book club where we all read the same book. Still, the discussions and get-togethers must be fun.

    2. I really enjoy the book club I"m in. I guess we all have similar tastes in books though there have been some selections that I would never have picked but for the most part I ended up enjoying reading. We just had our last meeting a week ago to discuss Hamilton. I didn't finish that tome but others were in the same boat. Some will go on to finish it. I read the ending. I wanted to know more about the duel that killed him.
      Anyway, if you find a book club with people you enjoy being with its likely the book tastes will meld.

  3. Sounds like one of those books that makes the heart happy...and we need those kind of books in the world :)

  4. I just took a honey tour in Panama. The cover is pretty appealing. I have to say.

  5. This sounds SO adorable. Great write-up and recommendation!


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