Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Feast for Crows

I finally finished A Feast for Crows. The 4th book in the dark fantasy series Game of Thrones. I was hooked like a 10 pound walleye after hearing the first razor tongued words, uttered by diminutive Tyrion on the first season of the HBO series. Tyrion is played by the amazing Peter Dinklage. I love that guy. It didn't take me long to order the first 4 books as a set. But, then it happened. Spoilers. I realized that I loved the HBO show so much, that I preferred to read the books after the series aired. The books are so detailed, and the shows so short, that you still discover a whole new world. 

And that's what George R.R. Martin excels at. He's a genius at creating a world similar to our past, but a world apart. It's a whole new brutal, but beautiful universe. There's enough characters to fill a super bowl stadium. There's enough gore to leave you feeling like you need to take a long, hot shower. And some of the characters are down right despicable. But, then again, there are dragons. And of course, my beloved Khaleesi. She wasn't in the 4th book at all. But, there was still plenty to love...or hate. These books aren't for everyone. 

But, I love them. I love to hate evil Cersei Lannister. And every good book needs a great villain. I love to repeat all those juicy quotes. My sun and stars...love it! And I can't wait to find out who wins the game. There sure have been a lot of losers. Have you heard of the red wedding?

 Uff da.


  1. Wow...I haven't been watching Game of Thrones. I would probably enjoy it. I adore Vikings but hated Outlander (the book anyway) so I think this falls somewhere in there, and I'm not sure if I would like it or dislike it. Sounds like a wonderful escape with lots of adventure and drama! :-) Perhaps I should give either the show, or the books a try.


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