Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Turn Here Sweet Corn

I was reading about the book Locally Laid in the newspaper this weekend. It's a new book written by a local Minnesota lady. A reluctant chicken farmer. Eating local is a bona fide movement now. So, I figured reading local should be too. It reminded me that I haven't reviewed another local book yet. Turn Here Sweet Corn 

I loved the title right away. It reminded me of breezy summer drives in the country. I can almost smell the humidity. And taste the homemade, put up jars of beans and preserves. Of course, growing up, we never had to turn any where to buy our corn. We just had to wander out into the field. To this day, it's hard to buy corn, even from the farmer's market, that can match that flavor memory. Even our outdoor barn cats loved sweet corn; during my former life as a reluctant farmer's daughter. I still laugh at the memory of them scarfing down on a cob of corn. 

 The book is more than just a memoir about organic farming. Atina Diffley teaches us about the earth and teases us with a romance of the heart. Plus, she takes on Koch industries! You could almost say it's a thriller too. The book might not be for everyone. But everyone can probably learn something about the life of an organic farmer. 


  1. It sounds good! I'd love to read it. In these days of GMO corn we have lost that simple pleasure of fresh (un-tampered-with) corn from a farmer's field!

  2. That's why I love it when there is sweet corn for sale along the highway in Sussex County, Va. Wakefield to be exact. That book should be a pleasure to read for all us country-fried cornpones. Thanks, Sharon.

  3. This sounds like a book I would like. We still turn off for sweet corn signs.... I have never farmed, but my Dad grew up on a large farm and I loved his stories. Putting it on my list - thanks for the review. - Karen

  4. book are true friends without any demand and complain give us company for better ,thanks for sharing dear


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