Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Name Is Lucy Barton

                    "My Name Is Lucy Barton" is a short novel written by Elizabeth Strout.

I ordered it because my daughter, Susan, called me from New York and said "Mom, have you read this book. I thought it was interesting because of the Barton name". (That is our name as well)

                       That peaked my interest so I ordered it, not knowing what to expect.

The story I could have sworn was a biography, the way it was written, but of course, it is not. Lucy tells her story of when she was in the hospital for a very lengthy recovery. Her husband isn't much to visit so he flies Lucy's mother out. The two women have a strained relationship. Lucy has not spoken to her mother in a long time.

The conversations are very real, honest and trying. They pick apart little puzzle pieces from Lucy's past, just to pass the time yet Lucy, at least, is trying to make some sense of them. The Mom has always been very guarded, afraid to express love or caring. Lucy is hoping that she will gain some insight into why things are the way they are and to just hear her Mother tell her she loves her. She wants so much for her Mom to be interested in her life, her marriage which has it's problems, her two daughters, the writing that she is beginning to be known for. She is searching for who she is and who her Mother is.

When I closed the book, I felt that Lucy had moved on but I didn't feel that her troubled past had been resolved so I was disappointed in how it sort of left you hanging. Maybe that was just how I took it. But, I had come to 'be friends' with Lucy and wanted her to find peace.  I am glad I read the book, just wish the resolution to Lucy's longing had been stronger.


  1. Not sure I'll want to read this one. It sounds like it has a good premise, but that maybe it wasn't written toward that resolution the reader hopes for, and would be disappointing. Good review!

  2. Thanks for the review. A struggle so many people can relate with. With their loved ones.

  3. Thanks for the review. A struggle so many people can relate with. With their loved ones.

  4. It may not have a good ending but sometimes it is so true of some people's lives. They may move on but their problems still remain and follow them into their present. Glad to inform you that I am your newest follower!


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