Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Under Fire

I bought Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack on Benghazi, by Burton and Katz before I knew there would be another book written by the actual men who were there, 13 Hours.  I read it right before the movie 13 Hours was released because I wanted to understand completely the events of that fateful day.  Burton and Katz had done their homework and the book was really good in many ways. I commend them for their excellent efforts with a situation they wished the public to be aware of that effects us all...a tragedy we all should come to understand.  It was, however, released before the men who wrote 13 Hours agreed to release their own names, and because their names are not given in Under Fire, the players in this event tend to be a little confusing.  You don't get a complete sense of how these men truly felt and what their actual motivations were, even though Burton and Katz do a decent job  relating what they were told when they did their interviews.  Parts of the book are redacted, as well.  It's also a little hard to follow all of the organizations, and their various acronyms, and know who did what as the events unfolded.  There are DCM, DOD, DS, DS/CC, DSS just to name a few.  There's a glossary of these in the back of the book, but who wants to keep referring to the back to get things straight in their mind, while reading a book.  I think Burton and Katz did as good a job as possible, considering they are third parties to the events, and were not allowed to release the names of the actual brave men involved.  I'm glad the book was released, and glad I read it, but hope to follow up at some point with 13 Hours to get a more clear view of the complex issue.


  1. I guess the take away is that reading is good even when it is bad. You learn something every time.

  2. What happened in Benghazi is so sad, but so far I haven't gotten much past all the bad things people say about Hillary Clinton and the disaster to learn much about the bravery of the men who fought there. I'm sure this book would be a good help in better understanding the situation (even if it is confusing itself).


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