Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Anne of Green Gables

I wasn't planning to review any of the classic books I've been reading, after all, everyone has already read them! But then again, some of us read them in school, long ago and possibly under duress. Maybe if I start to review some of the classic books I've been reading, some of you will discover that you've never read them at all. Or maybe you can't remember if you have read them. That is not the case with me and Anne spelled with an e. Anne is a character that one could never forget meeting. Of course, I watched the series long ago on p.b.s. And suffered through pledge drive after pledge drive for the privilege. Now, I can fast forward through the pledge drives. But back then, Anne was worth it.

I finished this book last summer and eventually, wouldn't you know it, it turned up on t.p.t. I started watching. But it wasn't in H.D. Gasp. Anne's red hair wasn't so red. And Avonlea wasn't quite as picturesque. In the book, Anne is always jibber jabbing about the local color. You can actually feel the kiss of the sun, marvel at the cerulean color of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, savor one of Marilla's pies and are completely charmed by the miracle of a single spring flower. You see everything through Anne's eyes. Her eyes are definitely in H.D.! And so is the pen of L.M. Montgomery.

The book is as charming as Snow White is innocent. The beloved characters earn their timeless appeal. And the dialogue is a marvel. Especially, what spews from Mrs. Lynde. I'll end this review with a dash of color and spice from that tart tongued old gal.

"It can't be denied your hair is a terrible red; but I knew a girl once-went to school with her, in fact-whose hair was every mite as red as yours when she was young, but when she grew up it darkened to a real handsome auburn." Mrs Lynde from Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


  1. That one is a classic. I remember reading it as did my daughters.

  2. Yes, have read several of the L.M. Montgomery books and enjoyed them so much! Glad you put this up for review because, after all, reading can sometimes become less magical and more didactic or brooding or serious. We need the magic where we can get it!

  3. Arent good books so wonderful?

  4. What a delightful review! It's been a while since I watched Anne of Green Gables, but I'm sure I would love her...after all, we red-heads need to stick together!


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