Thursday, February 4, 2016

A More Perfect Union

At a Ben Carson book signing back in October, I purchased Carson's 2015 book, A More Perfect Union for $20.  Carson signed it on the front page.
Today I finally finished the book.  For the most part it's a commentary, explaining the United States Constitution.  If you slept through social studies, American history, or government class in school (or your class didn't teach you about the Constitution), this is the book for you.

Since I've already studied the Constitution in depth, I was pretty much just reading things I knew.  I would give Carson an A+ for understanding the Constitution.  He knows the document and the history of the founders well.  And I did learn certain things about the lives of the founders that I did not know.

The book is formatted very nicely, and it's of good quality, without grammatical mistakes or typos.  I like how Carson chose to start each chapter with an appropriate Bible verse.    

Throughout, Carson sprinkles some very interesting stories from his own life, but I wish he had included more.  Most fascinating to me was a comparison he made between government and chess.  Carson wrote that he played on a chess team in both high school and college.  I wonder what his playing strength is, and/or if he could beat the other candidates in a chess tournament!

Conclusion:  If you already are an avid student of the Constitution, go for one of Carson's other books.  You'll probably find this one boring.  But if you've never paid much attention to the Constitution or the government process, read this book!  It's a very nice, well-written analysis. It contains respectfully-presented conservative commentary, spiced with reflections from life and a common-sense approach to government and the "big picture."


  1. I am so glad Ben Carson wrote this book, because so many people don't fully understand the Constitution! I am happy that he made available to all of us at a time when understanding our Constitution and how it is being debased and watered down is critical to our country's future. Thank you for reading it and reviewing it for us. Pretty cool that you got a signed copy also! Thank you so much for this contribution! I hope many of us will read the book.

  2. Oh, Gosh. I could learn a lot, I'm sure. I could stand to learn chess as well!


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