Sunday, January 24, 2016

All The Light We Cannot See

This book has been highly recommended, has a Pulitzer Prize, on the best seller lists. Can you guess which book I am talking about?

Yep, it's.... ta da.... drumroll please....

We have this guy in our book club here who is always coming up with books we "HAVE TO READ".  His track record is sort of half and half. Sometimes we like his suggestions, sometimes we don't.

But, this book. Oh my gosh!!

I hope you will put this book at the top of your reading list. I loved it.

Who would have thought that I would? Yes, I've read quite a number of books about WWII. And, this is another one! But, the way this man puts words on a page. I don't believe I have ever read a book that is written in this manner. There are sentences and then there are words that aren't sentences but you just don't care because it makes so much sense that he didn't stick to the rules.

Marie-Laure lives with her Papa in Paris. She is blind. Papa takes her with him everyday to the museum, where he is the keeper of keys. Hidden deep inside the museum is a precious jewel "The Sea of Flames". 

Werner and his sister, Jutta, live in an orphanage in Germany.  He finds a crude old radio in the woods and brings it back to his dormer room and begins to fix it. He and Jutta begin to listen to a broadcast of beautiful music and words from France. He gets very good at fixing radios and with the war progressing from Germany into other countries, Werner is given a scholarship to an academy training young men for Hilter's Youth movement. 

When Germany takes over Paris, Marie-Laure and her Papa flee to a seaside village where his recluse uncle lives. It was from this house that the mysterious music pouring through Werner's old radio had been broadcast from. In their escape from Paris Papa carried with him a small carving. There is something inside this carving that seems to be of utmost importance but Marie-Laure does not know why. 

The war rages on, Werner is now a soldier and he ends up in Saint-Malo, the city where Marie-Laure now lives. With the city under seige, it is here that the two unlikely young people meet. 

I am not going to tell you anymore. You must read this for yourself. This story gives you hope that there is good in this world regardless of how bad things get. It's well written. As I read each page, I viewed myself as someone standing in a corner watching every event unfold. It was fabulous.


  1. The book sounds wonderful! Can't wait to read it! I have several to review so I'll be doing another review soon. I think I will order this book right now! :-)

  2. I loved this book! I read it near the end of 2015, and it ranked my top read of the year. This author uses words in amazing art form!

  3. That was a wonderful book and you wrote a great review. (Much better than mine back in April last year.) It is a must read for anyone who loves historical fiction.


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