Friday, November 20, 2015

Mississippi Blues

I recently read a book that was a bit out of my general line of reading. True it was a mystery (which I do not usually read) and true it was a romance (which I have been known to read). I really like this book. It keeps you turning pages, trying to figure out what would happen next. I think you would like it.

When you find your best friend standing over a body with blood on his hands, and you are forced to testify in court about what you saw... well, that can pretty much destroy a friendship, even tear families apart. 

After Trey's testimony, Jace was sentenced to prison for life. Trey, at the insistance of his father, who happens to be the Chief of Police, joined the Army. When he returned five years later, Trey begins to discover the truth about what he had seen. He's determined to set the record straight even though his actions may make him lose the love of his life and it, for sure, will uncover some very dark secrets that have been hidden for years. 

A page turner for certain!!


  1. This sounds good! I will have to add it to my long-growing list! :-) I think it would be a pleasing mystery escape!

  2. I like pages turners. Thanks for the review!


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