Saturday, November 28, 2015

Falling Leaves

Though I am taking a break right now and don't plan a post on my main blog till Wednesday...and it looks like a lot of other people are taking a break too right now....I thought we needed a new book on the list!  Let me just cut & paste my Goodreads review here for Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah:

"An excellent memoir! So sad and disturbing on so many levels. And such a great intermixing of the author's story with the background of the history of China as she was growing up. What a triumph of the human spirit! Adeline Yen Mah is an inspiration!"  I would only add that I would recommend this memoir very highly.  Really good book.

The Goodreads book description says:
"A compelling, painful, and ultimately triumphant story of a girl's journey into adulthood, Adeline's story is a testament to the most basic of human needs: acceptance, love, and understanding. With a powerful voice that speaks of the harsh realities of growing up female in a family and society that kept girls in emotional chains, Falling Leaves is a work of heartfelt intimacy and a rare authentic portrait of twentieth-century China."

Looking for something different, this is a good choice!


  1. I love to read about true stories. So, this sounds like I need to read it. Thanks for posting a book even though it's a busy time of the year for us all.

    1. You'll like it Mom! Hope everyone will check it out.

  2. It sounds like a poignant and powerful read.

  3. Thanks for your comments...hope you'll take a closer look when you get a chance.


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