Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two From Me and One From Stewart

Both of these books have been reviewed, but this is my "take" on them, however brief, since I took the recommendations after reading your reviews.  I know Mom is out of town and won't be posting, and I am hoping a couple of others will jump in here soon....

Look Away Dixieland is the first in a trilogy by Marona Posey.  I can't say this is my favorite genre BUT having said that I could not put this book down!  It is fast-paced and fascinating.  You wonder what is going to happen next.  From that standpoint this is a roller coaster ride of a read that you will completely enjoy.  I had hoped it would revolve more around my areas of Alabama (I think Posey is from my hometown of Jasper) but it is closer to Decatur, and moves away from Decatur at a rapid pace, going to venues far and wide with the characters of this twisted tale.  Check it out if you love mysteries and romance-style adventures with memorable characters.  You won't be disappointed.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is another roller coaster ride in a different style of writing.  It is contemporary thriller fiction and Gillian Flynn proves to be a master of this genre!  I had this book recommended to me on our book club site, and by my daughter.  She and Mom couldn't wait till I read it, and I could see why.  It's excellent.  You will not be disappointed in this twisting, interesting tale.   I also waited to see the movie until after I read the book, and I now have a Netflix disc waiting over on the TV table...our daughter wants to come over and watch it (again for her) with us! :-)

From my blog friend Stewart, here is another of his reviews. Because of this review, I realized that a huge chunk of my childhood literary education was missing because I had never read The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham!  I had never read it to my daughter or grandson.  So I set out to correct this mistake of mine, and bought a used paperback copy and have been reading this wonderful, delightful tale!  Now, I can read The Wild Wood as well.  Here is Stewart's review:

The Wild Wood - Jan Needle  4/5

This book is a cracking re-telling of the classic, The Wind in the Willows. 

If Wind In the Willows is a view from the river, then this book is a view from the wood.  The strength of this version comes from the simple believability of the humanised characters and the voice of Baxter then main narrator.

Some of the tricks of the original remain – such has the (unacknowledged) change in size of the animals depending on need.  In the original Toad becomes a washer-women and deals with ‘gypsies’ and similar things happen in the new version.

What is really wonderful about this book is the way that both the original characters and plot lines remain intact and only motivation and purpose change.  We don’t have to un-learn anything from the original for the new version to make sense.

And this I think leads to the only issue I have with the book – I really do think you need at least a working knowledge of the plot of Wind in Willows to see how wonderful this book itself is. Which, I suppose leads to the recommendation, that you should read both of them!

Highly Recommended.


  1. Interesting books, I haven't seen the movie Gone Girl, so I don't know how the book compares. Mr. Toad was a childhood favorite!

  2. Marie, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments. I used to read a lot but now I am finding it hard to focus after a while. Have a beautiful week. - Nancy.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading Gone Girl. Thanks for the reviews.

  4. I've wondered if 'Gone Girl' was worth reading - thank you for the review. It's been years since I read 'Wind in the Willows'. I'll have to read it again and keep this new version on my book list to follow up with. Thanks for the reviews.

  5. Thanks each of you for your great comments! Watched the was still excellent even though I already knew the plot; followed Fynn's book very closely and with great acting! Hope to hear from those of you who read Gone Girl and/or see the movie because of mine and others' reviews.


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