Monday, October 5, 2015

The River of Doubt by Candice Millard

There was no doubt at all that this was going to be a wonderful journey with Theodore Roosevelt!  I had no idea before I found this book that he had made such a treacherous exploratory venture into the unknown jungles of the Amazon!  He is one of my favorite Presidents and I have read at least two biographies of him over the years and had introduced him to my grandson when I read Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Margeurite Henry to him when he was small.  Roosevelt has even cropped up in the book I am reading now (I have four others to review though before I share it!) He was larger than life, and fascinating!  I never tire of learning more about him. 

This book was well-written, well-researched and really interesting.  It opened up an unknown chapter in Teddy's life, one of explorer of unknown areas, for the River of Doubt (later named for him) had never been traversed before he did so with his oddly-matched team.  They go through unbelievable dangers, crossing areas of cannibalistic Indians and fighting the river itself with its many unpassable rapids and falls, and they face dangerous animals and diseases as well.  For months no one knows where they are or if they are even still alive.  The fact that they are using boats that are completely un-suited for the type of river they are following makes it all the worse.  Really great bit of historic writing!  Loved it!


  1. Wow, well, that's a side of Old Teddy I never knew about. Looks like it would be a fascinating read.

  2. I share your fascination with the Roosevelt's! Sounds like a wonderful read. I watched the PBS series earlier this year and this expedition was recounted. He was quite the adventurer! Thank you for the review. - Karen

  3. I read that book a number of years ago after my husband read it and raved about it. Even though you know he survives, it is quite a gripping tale and you wonder how in the world they did it. Great review. I may re-read the book one day. I have it on my book shelf with other books to re-read one day.

  4. Thanks for your awesome comments! I love getting feedback from the reviews! Karen, I had no idea there was a PBS special...I'd love to see it! Glad you've read the book and loved it too, Marcia.


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