Monday, October 26, 2015

"The Girl On The Train"

I wasn't too thrilled when "The Girl On The Train" was suggested in our book club but, hey, it was was a mystery and we hadn't had any mysteries on our reading list. So, I picked it up, opened it to the first chapter. hmmmm..... second chapter..... still not getting it. But, I hung in there. The author was busy laying out the characters and how they would fit into this tale of intrigue.

Rachel is a divorcee, an alcoholic, truly a mess, emotionally, physically, pychocologically. She's lost her job but everyday she rides the train to 'work' so her roommate won't suspect her situation. She watches out the window. She passes the house she and her ex had called home, only now a new wife is sharing 'her' house with her ex. And, then there is a couple a few doors down that are often on their terrace. She names them Jess and Jason. One day she sees Jess kissing a man. It's not Jason!! And, then Jess goes missing.

Rachel has a faint recollection of something she saw the night Jess disappeared. But, Rachel was drunk so she wasn't sure. Was it her drunken stupor or did she really see what she thought she did? In an effort to be 'important', 'accepted', 'wanted' Rachel tells what she knows (or thinks she knows) to the police. Will it drag her deeply into more trouble than she has ever imagined or will she help solve the case?

After a slow start for me, I soon became intrigued and found myself reading and reading and reading some more. 


  1. Sounds interesting! I hate it when there's a slow start! :-)

  2. Seems like a fine read indeed, greetings.

  3. That one is on my list. Thanks for the review!


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