Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Siesta Lane by Amy Minato

I came by this book browsing through
my favorite used book store 
and something about it caught my eye. 

Perhaps it was the sub-title, 
as it closely mirrors my own experience
living off the grid while we built our rustic cottage
here in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains
 of Washington State. 

I paid my $3.00 and hoped this would 
be a book I could actually finish. 

I have so many half-finished books, 
cast aside due to poor writing
and drab plot lines. 

One rainy evening I opened 
the pages and was pleasantly surprised. 
I couldn't put it down. 

Siesta Lane is a delightful account of the author's
year of living off the grid in the countryside
of Oregon. 

Leaving the big city of Chicago behind
to pursue a graduate degree in creative writing, 
and seeking a simpler life,
she heads west to Eugene, Oregon. 

When her studies are over, her yearning 
for a simpler, more natural lifestyle
leads her to Siesta Lane, where she rents
a cottage in a small community of 
like-minded individuals. 

Living without electricity or running water, 
Amy gains an appreciation for the simple
things in life - silence, fire, insects, wind, 
mud, rain, and a warm bath. 

Her lyrical and poetic writing makes this 
the kind of book you wish would never end. 
It calls upon each of us to stop and take heed
of the things we take for granted and to 
pay more attention to the natural world 
around us. 

Amy accomplishes this task with her soul-stirring
essays describing this year-long journey. 


This book was published in 2009
by Skyhorse Publishing

It has wonderful pen and ink illustrations
by Jan Muir
black and white photos
by Beth Stein


  1. What a great review, Karen! This sounds like a wonderful book! I can't wait to read it for several reasons...your praise of the writing style, the subject matter of living off the grid, and a viewpoint of a young person seeking a "new life" in the NW. I'll let you know when I do. Thanks so much for participating again! I've really been looking forward to your promised review and you definitely gave us a good one.

  2. That certainly sounds like a book I would love, Karen. You have intrigued me greatly so, of course, it has to go on my 'to read' list. I am reading "The Girl On The Train" at present. Will do a review soon.

  3. This sounds like another great find. Looking for this one, too.

  4. I just found your lovely blog and this book sounds like just the kind I love..I would love to read about life in nature on the West Coast..I am from the East Coast myself (South Carolina) and would love to visit the Pacific Northwest someday! Thanks for sharing about this book and also for sharing the lovely photos and thoughts on your blog! Blessings from SC..


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