Saturday, September 12, 2015

Happy You Are With Us

I have just finished reading "The Mockingbird Next Door" by Marja Mills, a recommendation from Marie. You may see her review HERE. Lovely book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I want to do a review of our book review blog instead of doing a book this morning.

I recently found a blog that had several links to other book review sites and so I started checking them out. I was pretty curious about how other people were handling book reviews.

 Well, I have to tell you that I loved our blog better than any I looked at. 

I found theirs disorganized, hard to follow, cluttered and most uninviting. I was pretty proud of what we have done with Springtime In Magnolia Book Review Blog.

It's true that Marie and I had hoped that we would have more interested readers joining in. We hoped we'd reach more people, get more avid readers involved in making reviews. It's been a slow go but for those of us who frequent this site we are very proud and so happy that you are 'aboard'.  

                                    So, thank you for your participation. 

Keep reading....

and telling us about the wonderful books you read!

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  1. Glad you read and enjoyed The Mockingbird Next Door! And what a great idea checking other book club sites to make a comparison. You never know what you can pick up from others. But, I'm glad you found our book club to be well-done. We are small but enthusiastic, and we are all coming up with some great "reads." I'm so glad you started this and asked me to be a part of it!


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