Saturday, August 1, 2015

Me Before You

Yes, I know. Marie posted a great review of two books on Thursday (so please scan down and read those if you haven't.) 

But, I HAVE TO post this review. Right now, while it is fresh on my mind.

My youngest daughter, Susan, kept after me and kept after me to read "Me Before You" and I kept ignoring her pleas. I had lots of other books to read. So, when she, once again, asked me last week to please read it, I broke down and ordered the thing from Amazon for my Kindle.

So, I start reading the Prologue. Okay, it's evidently laying some groundwork. By the end of the first chapter I am thinking, 'why in the world did I spend my money on this book?' Second chapter, maybe a wee bit better but still not getting it with me. But, I hung in there and have just finished it this morning. This is an absolute MUST READ book and I suggest that you don't put it off like I did. 

Lou is a rather different sort of young lady, dressing in funky clothes, working in a cafe with no ambitions in life but to just exist and maybe marry a fellow she's been seeing for seven years, if he ever gets around to asking her. Then she loses her job and as many people do, had trouble finding other employment. Even though she has no experience in this line of work she is hired by a wealthy couple to look after their quadrepeligic son, who is in his thirties. 

Will had led a very exciting and fulfilling life,a lawyer, very adventurous, that is until he is hit by a motorcycle on a London street. Everything he has been or ever wished to be is gone. He is suicidal, depressed and his parents hope that this funky ex-waitress from 'across the tracks' will be able to brighten his spirits, give him a reason to live.

The story is about decisions these two young people have to make. Will teaches Lou to reach outside her small 'box' and experience life while at the same time she is busy trying to get Will outside his depressing life and learning to live again. Is her efforts enough to pull him from his depression, make him want to live? Life in a wheelchair doesn't sound too appealing to him. The choices they made weaves a fascinating, 'can not put it down' sort of book. I state again "I could not put it down".  And, I am willing to bet that you won't be able to either. In the final chapters Lou realizes that each person has to make their own choice of what to do with their life and sometimes it is not what you wish or least expect. 

I warn you, have a box of tissue handy. But, please read it. 

P. S. just found out that there is a sequel to 'Me Before You' coming out Sept 29th. I can't wait.  and a movie is being made of the first book, to be released in 2016. Can't wait for that, either.


  1. I think I will check this one out- you've tempted me to order another book (it doesn't take much temptation!)

  2. Wow. You sound really moved and impressed by this book, and I may have to see what you are talking about! :-) Glad you went ahead and posted this review. I'm anxious to see what others think too. Contemporary fiction just isn't my biggest love, but I may give in before it's over with! :-)

  3. Thanks for the review of this book. It sounds like a good one! I will try to read this next. I am still reading BlackBerry Wine.

  4. IT is a very good one to read books. It makes you to know many things...

  5. Seems like a fine read, and nice review. Greetings!

  6. I'm just looking for a book to get, thanks for the inspiration all over your fantastic blog! ♥



  7. Marie just reminded me about your book club... I enjoyed all the reviews I scanned, but this is the one I am going to go to Amazon for, so you get the comment. Sounds great.

  8. Finally read this book. I enjoyed it very much.I am so glad I found this book club. I have found so many wonderful books to read. Thank you!


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