Friday, August 28, 2015


I just finished reading "Enchantment", a biography about the actress Audrey Hepburn. I loved Audrey in many of her wonderful movies, especially in her role as Holly Golightly in "Breakfast At Tiffanys". She was such a dear soul, pure enchantment. No other like her.

The book covers her life very well and I was surprised by many facts that it disclosed. It appears to be well researched and written.

Her mother was a cold woman who displayed little affection. Her father abandoned the family and she lost contact with him. Audrey wanted to be a ballerina but World War II caused the family to lose everything and she was certainly a tragic figure of that era. I had forgotten that she was married to Mel Ferrer. Their relationship, however, was both comforting and unsettling to Audrey. They had one son together and the marriage lasted for a long time to 'keep the family together'.

I felt the author, Donald Spoto, delved far too deeply into the making of each and every film that Audrey starred in. But, that was just me. I guess I was more into the personal life of Audrey than a lesson in film making. But, in same frame, one got a look at how each film affected Audrey and the co-stars.

I was fascinated as the woman Audrey became, unfolded on each page. She was pulled into the movie industry by happenstance but gave it her all. She grew in her craft, was never a prima donna but was easy to work with, delightful to cast members, a real lady. I just fell in love with her all over again and must now find some of her best movies on Netflix to watch here at home.

If you have an interest in the movie industry or in Audrey herself then I would recommend this book. 


  1. Wonderful review! I love biographies of people I admire and this would definitely be one I would love. Thanks so much! Adding it to my VERY long list! :-)

  2. She strikes me as one of the few actresses that was herself throughout her life. Not acting on and off screen. I'll have to look for this and like Marie says put on the list of books to read.

  3. She was a strong advocate for children. She was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. There is no actress today as elegant and unassuming as she was. She was a joy to watch on the screen.


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