Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two Good Reads

It's been a little while since I finished the first two of these, so I'm trying to get a little caught up in sharing them both.  The first is Unlikely Allies by Joel Richard Paul.  The second line of the title says "How a Merchant, a Playwright and a Spy Saved the American Revolution."  That's exactly what this delightful book was about...three men you have probably NEVER heard of because they were not "major players" in our nation's history.  Yet, their contributions were extremely significant, and learning about them was fascinating.  The book is an easy read, and will be a delight to anyone who enjoys a good tale, or who is fascinated with our unknown American history.  It also sparked my interest in learning more about Benjamin Franklin, which led to one of the books I am reading now.

The second book was very different...a true crime book called Death in a Prairie House by William Drennan.  It is about the mass murders that occurred in Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin House that took the life of his live-in girlfriend, her two children, and various workers who were all at lunch in the home in different areas.  The book is an interesting look into the life of Wright, and his time.  I enjoyed reading about him, and the crime itself was horrific.  Drennan explores with great detail the investigation of the crime, as well as the theories of why it happened.  Really interesting book!

Now, share what you have been reading!


  1. two fascinating reviews, marie. Gee, will I ever have time to read all these books I want to!!!!!

  2. Nice review

  3. I think I read the 1st one a while sounds familiar...Either that, or, Bud read it and told me about it. Now the 2nd one...the one of the murders sounds terrific to me. I will have to add this to my list of finds. Thanks for the input.


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