Friday, May 29, 2015

Playing With Poison

                                                      PLAYING WITH POISON

                                                          by Cindy Blackburn


Do you want an easy read? One that will keep you guessing but also tickle your funny bone? 

                                                           I have the book for you.

Jessie, a 52 year old divorced romance novelist, lives in an apartment building with her cat. Her two best friends are Karen and Candy. The three girls like to 'relax' at the local bar where Jessie plays a mean game of pool. One day Stanley, Candy's boyfriend, is found dead on Jessie's living room couch. 

When the cute cop, Capt. Rye, suspects Candy of poisoning her boyfriend and pops her into a jail cell, Jessie gets disgruntled at the slow pace of the investigation. So, she takes the sleuthing into her own hands. 

There's humor, love and scary close-calls wandering about the pages. Will Jessie find the killer or will the killer find her first? And, what about the cute cop. How does he fit into the picture? 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's Book I of the Cue Ball Mysteries by Cindy Blackburn. I am pretty sure I will be reading some more of her work. 


  1. It sounds intriguing. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Sounds like such a fun read! I will have to give it a go at some point. I bet it was fun reading something like that at the beach on vacation.

  3. Seems a great read, thanks for sharing!

  4. Okay, I am behind time wise on making a comment on this post but in my defense I just found out about this blog and book club! :D I will definitely be picking up a copy of this book as it sounds like a wonderful summer reading book! Thanks for the tip.
    A new follower of yours,
    Beth P


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