Friday, April 10, 2015

Reading a Recommended Book

Guess what? I am reading (about 1/3 through it) "Lives In Ruins" recommended by Marie a while ago. Totally different from what I usually read. I am, however, really enjoying it.

What are you reading at present?


  1. I just finished "Bitter River" by Julia Keller. A Modern day mystery which takes place in WV and is quite good. She also wrote "A Killing in the Fields" which may have been the prequel to the one I read. Fortunately she doesn't make you feel like you should have read that one first. I may look for it though.

    Glad you are liking Life in Ruins. I got that one for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Now this is fun! There will be three of us who have read Lives In Ruins when Mom finishes! :-) If someone else starts reading The Forgotten Seamstress, there will be three of those reviews! And, any of the books read & recommended by any one of us could also be read by someone else, and we can keep the sharing going! Too much fun!!!

    Well, I bought a book at a Book Fair three years ago recommended by the friend who was with me, and then stuck it at the bottom of my "to read" pile until another friend discovered I had never read it, and had a "hissy fit." :-) So as soon as I finished The Tudors, and Lives In Ruins I started Outlander! :-) It isn't a style of book I normally read, but I have to say I am enjoying it. I did learn there are FIVE of them, and I don't plan to read them all! I may read this first one, and then see if I like the Starz series. Like I said, it isn't a genre I normally read, but it is well-researched and an engaging read from several aspects. There is a time when I read more romance fiction...I may have to do a post about that, and about my good friend Wendy who wrote many of them....

  3. Did you check out, Marie, what I told you about changing your name on Google+? Hope it works. I think that anytime any of us reads a book, whether it has been reviewed or not should post our own review. Would be so interesting to compare the difference in people's views! What you say?

    1. I agree...I like hearing the different reviews and seeing how many people read the recommended books! Thanks for the Google+ help too.

  4. I like reading a book that someone who knows me recommends! Right now I am reading a very long book called 'The Interestings'. I'm about halfway through....haven't decided whether the characters are really 'interesting' or not! Lol! I'll let you all know! - Karen

  5. Love your comment, Karen! :-) I'll be interested in knowing if they are interesting or not, as well! :-)


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