Friday, March 20, 2015


I just finished reading 'Murder in the South of France' by Susan Kiernan-Lewis. 

 I really have mixed feelings about this book. At times I felt it was moving along well and then it would slow down, take a weird turn and I would find it confusing.

I looked at some of the reviews on Amazon Books. A lot of them were scathing, relentless in their criticism. Others found it a delightful read. I guess people were as confused as I was.

Maggie, the main character, lives in Atlanta. She flies to France to identify her sister's body and to retrieve a niece that she never knew she had. When she returns from overseas she turns the little girl over to Maggie's mother and begins to investigate who killed her sister in France. But... things take a complete about-face and nothing that she thought was true, really is.  Including a handsome Frenchman who has followed her back to Atlanta, declaring his love for her. 

I expect a book to come to this amazing conclusion however this one did not. It stops abruptly. And, the next page said you can continue reading the story about Maggie in the next book. That put me off. 

I got it for free on my Kindle. I certainly would not recommend paying for it. 


  1. I hate when that happens! You have such high hopes.......Thanks for the 'heads up'! :- (

  2. Great review! I appreciate knowing this one might be a waste of time.

  3. It's really helpful knowing which books to NOT invest time in, so thank you for your pithy review of this one. Maybe the author had it in her mind that the perfect word count for commercial fiction was blah, and then ran out of gas at blah minus fifty and had to wrap things up quickly. It's also annoying when you're left on a cliff hanger simply so that the author and her publisher can sell the next book. Nope, I think I'll take your advice and give this one a miss. All the best for a super weekend, Bonny

  4. Too bad it ended so abruptly. Poor editing? Poor writing?

    By the way my book club met last night to talk about Goodnight June by Sarah Jio. We even got to speak to the author who lives in Seattle. We had lots of questions for her about how she writes and she graciously answered them.

  5. That is always fun, Marcia. Glad you had a good meeting.

  6. Thanks for suggesting. It should be interesting to read it

  7. How unfortunate that the ending wasn't what you hoped would happen. It sounds like the author or publisher needs better marketing of the book. It would've been better to let readers know at the beginning that this is the first in a trilogy or a series so that when they come to the end of the book, they wouldn't be so put off too much by the cliff hanger.


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