Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Tenants of Time by Thomas Flanagan

The second in the Irish series trilogy by Thomas Flanagan is The Tenants of Time.  It is a heftier volume than most we would review here (check the book club rules), but because it is part of the trilogy, I decided to include it.  This one is set in the latter half of the nineteenth century in Ireland, England, and America.  It has an "epic sweep," as described on the flyleaf.  The Los Angeles Time in its review says: " 'The Tenants of Time' is a masterful historical novel, a rich tapestry of Irish life in the 19th Century, and it is also a novel about the processes of history." The book continues the story of that early dream for Irish independence that began in The Year of the French, and takes a look at all aspects of Irish life, from the aristocracy to the peasant farmer.   Each of three friends in this volume follows a different life path, but all believe with all their hearts, in their country, Ireland. Thomas Flanagan is hailed as the quintessential writer of Irish historical fiction!  If you love Ireland, and love history and historical fiction, you will love this trilogy!

Review by Marie Carmean

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  1. I love all things Irish and come from Irish Ancestry. Thanks for sharing, I will put this one on my book list! - Karen


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