Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Amy or Nick? Who to Believe?

That was the question as I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  You learn very fast when Nick is relating the story that his wife Amy has disappeared.  When it's Amy's voice we learn the backstory as we read her diary.  It becomes very clear that their view of their marriage is very different.  Something has gone terribly awry but who to believe?  Amy?  Whose life has been chronicled in children's books as Amazing Amy?  Or Nick who is a mild mannered journalist out of a job and back home caring for parents and trying to earn a living running a bar?

I don't usually read modern day thrillers; I get spooked easily but this one gripped me.  I had to keep reading to find out what happened to Amy.  To find out what was real and what a figment of someone's imagination.  To find out if Nick is guilty of her murder as his side of the story seems to unravel.

You must read this book!

Latane, now it's your turn.



  1. I have not read the book yet, but I did see the movie... I do things backwards.. The book is loaded on my ipad ready to read.. Thanks for sharing, have a great day!

  2. Excellent review. See, I told you girls that you were better are doing reviews than me. But, in a day or two I will post my findings on reading 'Gone Girl'. It was SOMETHING ELSE!!

  3. Oh, I thought this was Mom's review...so cool to see that another member, Marcia, was reading the same book, and posted the review. Loved reading this review. I'm hooked! Gotta read this one and soon! :-)

  4. I read Gone Girl. I found it to be a very disturbing and sad story of two very unhappy people. I usually do not read thrillers like this but I was drawn to both these characters and wanted to read the book to find out what really happen. I did see the movie as well. That was even more disturbing because the plot was no longer in your imagination ,

  5. I enjoyed this book, too, although the ending kind of bothered me (don't want to say more and spoil it for anyone). I think you'll enjoy the movie; it hasn't strayed too far from the book, which is nice.

    1. That's always a nice thing! I usually dislike it when movies based on fictional books change the story to add more fiction...for some reason it seems understandable for movies based on real life to add fiction to spice it up, but adding fiction to fiction?!

  6. Is this the book that is now a movie? I hadn't heard of either until the movie came out. Sounds like it might be something I could read based on your review.


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