Tuesday, January 20, 2015


                                                                      by J. B. West

Who wouldn't love to know what goes on behind those closed doors in the private quarters at the White House!!

J. B. West had a bird's-eye view, so to speak and his book of those 3 decades serving the White House was enchanting, shocking, delightful, insightful.

Mr. West was usher, then Chief Usher for the Presidents and their ladies from Roosevelt all the way to Nixon. That's a lot of history, some we knew, some a surprise but glimpses into such news-worthy people's lives was fascinating. He told of Roosevelts long time affair, his last days before his death, his handling of WWII. And, his portrayal of Truman and his Bess told of a couple who never wished to be in that position but did the best that they could. Of course, there was the tragedy of Kennedy's assassination and the control Jackie maintains throughout it all.

In those years Mr. West took care of every aspect of life in the White House from state dinners to funerals and little family gatherings. He saw the President's parents, children, grandchildren and all the houseguests who loved staying at the White House.

The book was well written (with Mary Lynn Kotz) and worth a read.


  1. It sounds like Mr. West must have known many fascinating little-known details about the Presidents!

  2. Mr. West had an interesting job! Thanks for sharing your review..

  3. Sounds like a really fascinating book! Thank you so much for posting this review.


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