Sunday, January 11, 2015

Animal Farm

As an Iowan, I live in a state where pigs outnumber people by more than six to one. What would happen if they revolted? In his 1945 work, Animal Farm, George Orwell explores this possibility with the story of an animal revolt led by pigs on an English farm. 
Animal Farm is an allegory of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the events that followed.  Orwell very cleverly portrays various types of people and the lies, schemes, and tricks used by evil leaders to retain popular support.  When those in power (whether pigs or people) rule for their own selfish ends, even the most well-intentioned, hardworking, and loyal suffer. 

This book takes only a few hours to read and has many good insights.  It's available in printed format at libraries and bookstores, and as a free ebook.

Do I foresee a similar revolution happening in Iowa?  Not during the winter months.  Iowa pigs are dependent on the warm climate of the propane-heated pig buildings and would never survive the sub-zero temperatures, so for now we're in the clear.


  1. I've heard of this book, Bethany, for what seems like FOREVER. However, I have never read it. Looks like now would be a great time to do so.

  2. that sounds interesting...i like the cover!

  3. To quote another author..."Beware the Ides of March!" :-) Great review, Bethany. It's been many years since I read Animal Farm, but I have always felt it was a "must read" for everyone in a free society. As you say, some great insights!

  4. This is an incredible book. There are political parallels and parodies in this quick read, and it's important that you understand them for this book to be truly enjoyed. If you don't pick up on that, it'll just seem like a story about animals.


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